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Happy New Year!!!

Another year- a new Calendar for you....

the  2018

Wombat Calendar! 


For another year we fight inflation by only charging $10 AUD for these beautiful and popular items. People from all over the world flock to purchase their annual "wombat fix"- (a very healthy addiction!) so you had best get in early. We only ever do a single print run so if you miss out you miss out!


Yes, you may order your calendars via email or by phone. and we will mail them out to you. Easy!  You can even find them on Facebook now!!!! 

Please go to the Wombat Calendar tab on the menu bar above for all details.



      2018 Wombat Calendars:  


order right now before they run out!



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Welcome to the Native Animal Rescue Group.
We are a registered tax deductible charity.

Our objects are:

(a) to provide skilled and well trained care for rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife;

(b) to rehabilitate and release back into the wild native wildlife in accordance with the framework and licensce conditions as stipulated by New South Wales Parks and Wildlife Service;

(c) to foster and improve community awareness, education and appreciation of native fauna and its habitats;

(d) to encourage and support an ongoing high standard of knowledge, care and husbandry techniques through well trained and supported members;

(e) to work in collaboration with like- minded organisations for the benefit of native wildlife and its habitat.




DONATIONS WELCOME through this PayPal donate button.

Tax deductible donations only should go to this particular PayPal button.

PLEASE Do not use it for calendar payments or membership fees.

Native Animal Rescue Group NSW Public Fund

Westpac BSB 032691    account 378067

Please use your name and the word 'donation' as the identifier.

Receipts will be issued. Please supply us with your contact details.

You are welcome to make suggestions how you would like your donation to be used.  


Direct Deposit details for other payments (Calendars and memberships)-

only use this after you have contacted us so we can watch for your payment.

Account Name: Native Animal Rescue Group
Westpac Nowra  BSB: 032 691
Acct number: 275519
Please use your name as the identifier.

Paypal details- also only use this after you have contacted us so we can watch for your payment.

Australian dollars please- please add additional $2 to cover Pay Pal fees

Pay to: babywombats@gmail.com


Any enquiries or requests for receipts through the contact tab above 


or by phone to Shirley on  0438 434877

or  treasurer@narg.asn.au

Please do not use this for calendar payments

NARG's address is

                   PO Box 24

                   Majors Creek

                   NSW 2622


If you would like to see the NPWS map of the Wildlife group areas in NSW click on the map link below

NPWS MAP.pdf5.73 MB

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