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See an animal in need of care?

Our animal friends rely on our help in times of need. If you see an animal that is sick, injured or seems disorientated, please phone us immediately. 

We will discuss options with you or send out a wildlife carer to make an assessment - but we are all volunteers and to save the life of a beautiful orphaned baby like this one above will rely on the support NARG receives from people who care about the environment and wildlife.

About NARG


  • facilitates skilled animal carers to rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife in and around Braidwood NSW
  • provides regular training and support for local volunteer carers and hosts a 24 hour/7 day phone line for members of the public to report animals in need of assistance in the Braidwood area
  • has a large network of experienced carers who look after a large variety of animals including wombats, echidnas, kangaroos, possums, sugar gliders, bats, birds and everything in between.

Hello NARG friends and members!

As I write today it is raining here in NARG territory, hopefully extinguishing the fires still threatening our boundaries. The fires started for NARG on about the 29th of November last year and may still be burning today, even in the rain. 

The fires have destroyed virtually all of NARG's release sites, severely damaged several NARG member properties and seriously injured two of our carers. It has resulted in the deaths of countless wild animal friends and has also resulted in a steady influx of injured animals. Many of these are still being found by our teams of carers weeks after the fires have been through an area. 

Thanks, thanks, thanks ...

A special thanks to Marcus from Alpha dog for his safe retrieval of injured animals. 

Special thanks to the teams of Animal Rescue specialists from Quebec and from Germany who assisted us find more animals in need of help. 

A special thanks to Steve and Rosemary of Possumwood for their ongoing commitment to the burned victims as well as the ongoing searches. 

Thanks to James for his specialised work rescuing the Koalas in the NARG fire zones. We continue to send in search teams to find any more victims, but sadly, there are not many survivors.

Thanks to the efforts on many members of the public who are helping out but especially to Felicity or "Floss" as she is known, for her untiring efforts to organise and help with the feeding of wild animals on the fire edges.

These disastrous fires have also brought out the best in many people and we have had a steady flow of donations to help us through these hard times.

I would particularly like to thank local lad, Sam McGlone for his wonderful fundraising effort which resulted in a huge influx of funds to help NARG.

We will be using these funds to pay for the feed drops being supported by NARG all along the edges of the fire grounds.  

  • We are currently assisting land owned in Jinden and Wyanbene, Bombay, Farringdon, Fox's Elbow, Manar, the Deua, Araluen, Reidsdale, Monga, Mongarlowe, Charleys Forest, Corang, Nerriga and Sassafras. 
  • We are also assisting at our release site at Peak View which was also totally destroyed.
    The fire front around NARG is estimated to be about 200 kilometres in total and we have well over 150 feed stations spread out along it. 
  • We will also be using these funds to help our carers rebuild their release facilities and to improve their setups generally. 

Finally, just a thanks to
all of our donors and those of you buying feed yourselves and
for those of you who are grabbing a little food from the feed bins at the Lands Office and the National Theatre for the wild friends at your places.

Bill Waterhouse,
NARG President 


NARG is a community organisation located in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. NARG hosts a wildlife rescue hotline that is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the general public to report wild animals in need of assistance.

Each animal is rescued, assessed and transported to the most appropriately skilled and experienced local carer to manage its immediate needs, future rehabilitation and release. We can only continue to provide these services with the help of our wonderful partners, members and donors (big thanks to all).